Mom's share one shocking fact their kids never knew about them

Sorry for the spoiler ;-)

Too soon?

You heard it first, folks: Bullet proof balloon vests. It's the future.

The video

How many water balloons does it take to stop a bullet?

Random background ladies wore it

It was very short 

 No, really, really short

 Counselor Troi rocked it for a while

So did dudes

 Lots of dudes

 Command approved

Fun fact: Star Trek TNG had an official uniform skirt.

Artist Denis Medri has created some fantastic fan art reimagining Star Wars in the 80's:

Han meets Lando

Leia and the Dark Side gang

Luke with professor Yoda

Han and Chewie in the Falcon Chevy van

Always let the stoner with the mullet win

Professor Kenobi rescues Luke from the Sandbox Gang

Doctor Akbar, Ninb and Lobot

Luke wondering what's out there

Han shot first

Leia sends a message

End Credits

Star Wars reimagined as an 80s High School Movie

There's a profile for every you

Of course, Netflix will eventually catch on Mike is drunk

What Netflix thinks Mike looks like right now

What I look like when Netflix adds an interesting show to instant and I'm already invested in two other shows.

But that's still better than running out of shows

Well, you could always try dating again

How to dramatically improve your Netflix experience

Leslie Niesen was a comedic genius and proof that you can find your calling even in the latter part of your life.

His timing was always perfect

He took many risks

He protects us

When you see it

That's all folks.

Leslie Nielsen. Comedy God.

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